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25th August 2017

Message from Adrian Christy - Chief Executive of Badminton England

Dear County Chairs

On behalf of everyone at Badminton England, I wanted to drop you a message to thank you / your colleagues in the county for all your help, support and in some cases, patience over the past few weeks.

You will be aware that we have been requesting various pieces of information from you as we prepare for two very important steps:

1. The resetting of our Governance year
2. The transition from our previous membership administration system (Reactor) to the new system (GoMembership)

You will be familiar with the resetting of the Governance year where we require the details of the delegates from each County who plan to attend General Meetings. This is an extremely important part of our Governance process as the submission of details, enables the County to vote at General Meetings. There are two Counties who have not submitted their details to us by the deadline and consequently are now ineligible to vote at General Meetings up to and including the Annual General Meeting in June 2018.

The transition to GoMembership is a very exciting prospect for English badminton. The system is far more user friendly than the previous one we had and in the months ahead will enable CBAs to communicate directly with club members and tournament players (within the permissions an individual allows). We are not going to release that version of the system just yet as we want to fully assess and understand the emerging demands of the new data legislation before doing so.

One of the key functions for CBAs of GoMembership is the payment distribution module that sits within the system. When I did the County tour in 2015/16, many Counties spoke of wanting their County Fees paid back to them quicker after clubs had joined / renewed their membership to Badminton England. This functionality was very much front of mind when we issued our tender document and I am pleased to say this is a key feature of the GoMembership system. What this means in real terms is that when a club pays its membership fees, the proportion that is the County Fee is diverted immediately into a County bank account Badminton England does not see your money, you get it in real time. I am sure you will agree this is not just very helpful to the Counties but also a very efficient way in which we can ensure payments to you all.

Of the 41 County Badminton Associations, we have just a handful yet to register and we will continue to work with each to get them set up as quickly as possible. The new membership system is now live for clubs to start the membership renewal / joining process for the 2017/18 season and we clearly want to ensure all Counties receive due payment.

In an attempt to manage all scenarios of outstanding and future revenue payments to the Counties, in discussion with the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Finance, Risk and Corporate Services Board, the following approach has been agreed:

- Badminton England will reconcile any monies due to the Counties up to and including 31 August from the membership 2016/17. This payment will be made manually as early as possible in September.
- For those Counties where bank details have not yet been registered on the GoMembership system, Badminton England will reconcile monies received for the 2017/18 membership year for the period 1 September to 30 September and make a manual as early as possible in October. If a County has still not registered for GoMembership after this payment has been made, payments will be made on or around 1 January and 1 April. No manual payments will be made between these dates.
- All Counties will receive a manual payment for the proportion of Coach and Direct Member fees payments will be made on or around 1 October, 1 January and 1 April. No manual payments will be made between these dates.

I would like to finish by reiterating my thanks to you / your colleagues for all you help and support and very much look forward to seeing badminton grow and succeed in Counties across the country.

Best wishes

Adrian Christy
Chief Executive
Badminton England

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