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30th August 2020

Club Information - Cleaning and surface sanitising products

County Masters Squad member Julian Dumelow has contacted Nottinghamshire Badminton Association to offer his help in supplying cleaning and surface sanitising products to Nottinghamshire clubs.

He writes:-
several years ago we started distributing and manufacturing cleaning products, and as you can imagine we have been in demand!

Hand sanitiser has been a key product, along with many other anti-bacterial cleaners.

I have been working with Norman Jewitt to supply products for the junior clubs, so if there is anything I can help with just let me know.

We are currently able to supply all types of cleaning and surface sanitising products:-
Alcohol hand gel in all sizes from 100ml to 5 Litre
Alcohol hand wipes
Non-alcohol hand sanitiser (more suited to juniors / sensitive skin)
Anti-bacterial surface cleaner in trigger sprays
Surface cleaners in concentrate (for bucket mopping etc.)
Alcohol (80%) surface wipes
Disinfectant Surface cleaning wipes
Face masks and disposable gloves

Just some of the many products we have in stock.

I would be happy to help and advise any club with their specific requirements.

Contact me at

Julian Dumelow

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