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15th November 2023

2024 National Volunteer & Coach Awards

Hi all,

The annual National Volunteer & Coach Awards are once again open for nominations!

These three awards are sponsored by YONEX and presented annually to recognise the phenomenal work of our voluntary and coaching workforce. They are awarded to two volunteers and a grassroots coach who have stood out in demonstrating undoubted passion, commitment, and dedication to badminton in the last twelve months and had a positive impact and influence on others’ experience within the sport.

Find out more about each of the three Awards or read about the National Volunteer & Coach Award winners from the last five years here.

Nominate a worthy volunteer or coach for one of the 2024 Awards here.

The deadline for nominations is Friday 15th December 2023.

Kind regards,
Liam Cooper He/Him
Network Manager East
Badminton England
t. 01908 268400

Please find a direct link to the form below National Volunteer & Coach Awards 2024.

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