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19th November 2023


Alan & ArthurMy first experience of Club and therefore League Badminton was in 1959 when I joined Victoria Badminton Club, aged 21 years.

My first partner was Alan who effectively taught me how to play Doubles and also helped me to develop my game.

I was proud to play with Alan in the teams that won the KO Cup in 1964 and the Menís Championship in 1966.

Alan and I played our first League Match in 1959 and our last match together was in 2010.

Over the full period of 64 years Alan remained a close and constant friend, something for which I will always be grateful.

I know how much badminton meant to him and how hard he worked for the sport as exampled in the excellent article by Jenny and Gill.

Cheers Alan and R.I.P.

Arthur McTighe
Chillwell (Nottingham Veterans) BC

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