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11th December 2023

Tough matches for Masters 45s & 60s teams

Two teams travelled on Sunday 10th December, the 45s against Worcestershire, while the 60s opened their season against Cheshire.

The 45s battled hard but were unable to overcome the all-round strength of their opposition. The team won two Men’s and one Ladies rubber, resulting in a 9-3 loss to last season’s League winner’s Worcestershire.
Notable performances from Mat. Haigh and Sion Severn who won both of their Men’s matches and Lee Truong and Helen Goff who beat Worcestershire’s 2nd Ladies pair.
The team next play Away against Derbyshire on Sunday 7th January.

Nott’s 60s team against Cheshire got off to a great start. They won all four Men’s rubbers, however the Nott’s Ladies were unable to worry Cheshire’s strong ladies. The match score after the level doubles was 4-4, each team requiring three Mixed rubbers to win the match outright.
Nott’s 1st Mixed pair, Julie Peart and Mark Attewell lost in three sets, while Nott’s 2nd Mixed pair Lesley Griffin and Jerry Deacon won their match in three sets. Score 5-5.
Unfortunately, Cheshire comfortably won the last two Mixed resulting in a 7-5 win to the Home side.
Notable performance from Jerry Deacon who was unbeaten in the match, playing with Men’s partner David Hall and Mixed partner Lesley Griffin.
The team next play Lancashire on 17th December on their Home courts at Chilwell Olympia.

45s Team:
Simon Vanderwalt – East Leake B.C.
Lee Truong, Sion Severn – Forest B.C.
Nathalie Woolsey-Butler – Crusader B.C.
Steph Clark, Helen Goff – Beeston Fields B.C.
Mathew Haigh, Con Truong – Mapperley Park B.C.

60s Team:
Julie Peart, Lesley Griffin, Eileen Clarke – Chilwell B.C.
Wendy Bland, Jerry Deacon – Crusader B.C.
Mark Attewell – Bingham B.C.
Adrian Mateo – East Leake B.C.
David Hall – Boots B.C.

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