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6th February 2022

50s Team continue to dominate

Two Masters Team’s travelled on Sunday 6th February. The 50s to play Leicestershire while the 65s played Worcestershire 1st.

The 50s, having beaten Leicestershire previously on their home courts by 10-2, followed up with another decisive 8-4 win. Winning two Men’s, all four Ladies and two Mixed rubbers.
Jane Smith and Christine Gleave were both unbeaten in the match. Playing together in the Ladies, Jane with partner Julian Dumelow and Chris. with partner Neil Franklin in the Mixed.
The team next travel to play Oxfordshire on Sunday February 27th.

The 65s, unbeaten after three matches, were up against League leaders and favourites Worcestershire 1st team.
Worcestershire dominated in the Men’s matches by winning all three rubbers. The Nott’s Ladies won two rubbers and were unlucky not to win a third rubber when losing 20-22 in the third end.
The Nott’s team pushed hard knowing they needed all three remaining Mixed rubbers to win the match. Two of the three rubbers went to three sets, Worcestershire taking all three and winning the match 7-2.
Eileen Clarke winning the two Ladies rubbers for Nott’s with partners Jacqui Burton and Lynn Davison.
The final score of 7-2 did not reflect the overall play from the Nott’s side. The team will have the chance to improve on the score when they play the return match on their Home courts on Saturday 12th March.
In the meantime, the 65s next travel to play Staffordshire on Sunday March 6th.

50s Team:
Andy Cokayne – Bingham B.C.
Alan Bowmer – Mansfield Oaktree B.C.
Neil Franklin - Boots B.C.
Julian Dumelow – Forest B.C.
Karen Gleave, Jane Smith, Christine Gleave - Bingham B.C.
Julie Gater – Mansfield Oaktree B.C.

65s Team:
Jacqui Burton, Eileen Clarke, Ian price, Mike Nettleton, Phil Johnson – Chilwell B.C.
Lynn Davison – Beeston Fields B.C.

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